Naval Ops Commander (PS2)

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The KOEI Corporation returns to the high seas with Naval Ops: Commander, the second installment of its naval combat simulation series for the PlayStation 2 console. Set in an alternate reality, the game's story involves a powerful nation called Virshia which has deployed an armada of super-ships around the globe. Most nations have been defeated, while the fates of a few others continue to hang in the balance. Naval Ops: Commander puts players at the helm of a Tactical Battle Group, committed to fighting the Virshian fleet and maintaining freedom on the seas. Players command their fleets in two separate stages: strategy and battle. Provided with briefings on impending battles, and based on mission objectives and known threats, they can create or upgrade their own ships from thousands of parts including hulls, engines, aft and forward bridges, targeting systems, sonar, emergency systems, and aircraft for carriers. Over 100 pre-designed ships, some based on authentic U.S., Japanese, German, and British vessels, are also available. New developments in Naval Ops: Commander include a Tactical Battle Group system that enables players to have real-time control of a primary warship, with the option of changing the attack formation of escort ships that provide anti-aircraft, anti-ship, and assault support. Being in control of an entire battle group, players will be informed with accurate and timely intelligence and will view the battle areas in a total-picture environment, which includes user-controlled cameras that allow for sweeping views of each sector for surface-, air-, and land-based threats. A radar system is also available to provide precise information and aid players in preparing offensive and defensive strategies.