NCAA March Madness 08 (PS2)

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NCAA March Madness returns to PlayStation 2 with more than 70 classic squads from the '70s, '80s, and '90s, revamped player models, and new authentic arenas. Brad Nessler and Dick Vitale are back for play-by-play commentary and analysis, while Erin Andrews makes her debut with up-to-the-minute sideline reports. A new "Dynamic Post Control" feature has players chaining together hook spins, drop steps, pump fakes, up-and-unders, and other seamless moves on both sides of the ball. Visual enhancements like form-fitting uniforms or breakaway rims add to the atmosphere, as crowds chant school fight songs and influence on-court composure. Team Intensity Control is a momentum-based meter that builds during hot streaks and breaks down with poor play. When the meter is full, teams can initiate an "impact moment" to temporarily boost performance, intimidate the rival team, or pump up the crowd. The multi-season Dynasty Mode is back with added detail. Simulated games can be interrupted at any point and switched to manual control, while both preseason and postseason versions of the 32-team National Invitation Tournament are playable. The McDonald's High School All American game is also included, along with new recruiting and alumni challenges. EA's exclusive relationship with ESPN lets players access, receive score updates via ESPN Sports Ticker, and listen to ESPN Radio.