UEFA Euro 2008 (PS2)

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The only licensed game of the UEFA European Soccer Championship, UEFA Euro 2008 follows the 16-team tournament held in Austria and Switzerland throughout the month of June. As in the real-life competition, 16 qualifying teams are equally divided among four groups. New for 2008 is a knockout stage that separates groups A and B from groups C and D until the finals. In the quarterfinals, the winner of each group will compete against the runner-up from the second group. Match winners then advance to the semifinals to determine which two teams vie for the championship. UEFA Euro 2008 features 53 European national teams, eight authentic stadiums, and a custom team option. In addition to the tournament, notable play modes include "Captain Your Country" and "European Campaign." The former involves trying to lead a country to victory by calling the shots on the pitch, and it supports both solo and cooperative play. European Campaign offers a series of challenges presented on a map of Europe. Completing each challenge earns players "growth points" to enhance an individual athlete's attributes. Winning matches against specific countries also awards players with credits, which can be spent on stickers to complete an in-game Sticker Book.