Wappy Dog (DS)

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Product Information:

Wappy Dog is a virtual pet adventure game that also serves as a control interface for a real-world robot puppy. The plastic robot toy can move about and perform a number of tricks, many of which are unlocked through virtual pet-keeping play. Through the game's "Home" mode, players can engage directly with their robot pup. In "Travel" mode, they can play DS mini-games to develop new pet skills and abilities, which will transfer back to the toy the next time it connects. Players can customize both their in-game and real-world pet. Wappy's personality and voice change as he matures, from puppy to adult, as new quests and learning opportunities become available. The pet is easiest to train when he is happy, and the color of his cheeks gives players a hint of his current mood. Making sure he clean, well-fed, and feels loved is the best way to make sure he's always happy, and ready to play and learn. Wappy joins players in both cooperative and competitive DS mini-games, cheering gleefully when he wins and sometimes sulking when he does not.