Waterdown Retail Logo
Waterdown Retail is an independently owned retail outlet established in the core of Waterdown in 2015. Waterdown Retail is a vibrant, strong and growing business, staffed by experienced professionals. Waterdown Retail is a unique shopping experience for the public, as they can buy, sell and trade a wide range of products in a friendly and service-oriented environment.  Products include a wide array of retro/modern video games, consoles and accessories, collectibles, tabletop games, and various electronic products.

Waterdown Vape Shop Logo

Located inside of Waterdown Retail is our all full service vape shop staffed by vape specialists ready to answer any of your questions. Our vape shop is stocked with over 150 unique e-liquid flavors and the top brand names in e-cigarette hardware such as Aspire, Smok, Uwell & More. We make sure to carry a wide array of devices ranging from beginner starter kits all the way up to advanced kits. 

Alternative Vaping

In response to the growing demand of dry herbs and wax vaping, Waterdown Retail has established wholesale/distributions rights to three very prominent companies in the vape marketplace (Arizer, Pulsar and Da Vinci). We understand the need for quick, complete services at competitive prices.


Included in our wide range of products are:

  • Fantasy, Science Fiction, & Comic Collectibles
  • Next Gen, Previous Gen, Retro, & Reproduction Video Games; for such consoles and handhelds as Nintendo NES/SNES, Sega Genisis, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 2/3/4, PSP, DS, Gameboy, and many more.
  • Tabletop & Card Games; Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon, D&D, Munchkin, Risk, Monopoly, Catan, Descent, and a huge variety of others.
  • Full Service Vape Shop including traditional and alternative vaping units and the maintenance supplies required.


We also offer a variety of services:

  • Buy/Sell/Trade Program; a simple trade of merchandise for cash, store credit and/or merchandise.
  • Computer Repair Services; virus removal, disk formatting, parts installation
  • Disc Cleaning; clean and remove minor scratches and blemishes on your DVD's, CD's and games