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British secret agent James Bond returns for a new assignment on the PlayStation 2, one presented in a different visual style than its predecessors. Instead of guiding 007 from a first-person perspective, players will be able to control their alter ego using a viewpoint directly behind the suave super spy. Pierce Brosnan once again authorized both his likeness and voice for the original storyline, which takes players on an exotic journey across four continents. Locales range from Egypt's Valley of the Kings to Moscow's Red Square to New Orleans' French Quarter as players meet up with new villains and a few returning enemies from Bond's legendary past.

The change in perspective offers additional control options, as players will be able to engage in hand-to-hand combat and use environmental objects such as bottles, tables, and chairs to knock out foes. Of course, Bond can also pull out a gadget or two to help get him out of a pinch. More direct approaches to the enemy include using an arsenal of explosive firepower, while subtle techniques have players slipping into disguises or hiding under the cover of darkness. The new graphic engine also allows the use of multiple vehicles, with Bond able to hop on a motorcycle, slip behind the wheel of a car or tank, and even pilot a helicopter simply by walking up to them.

Everything or Nothing features a variety of ways to complete missions, with rewards given to players for performing actual spy tactics and subterfuge instead of rushing in with guns blaring. During the course of his adventure, Bond will encounter a variety of women, including the character of Serena St. Germaine, voiced by actress Shannon Elizabeth (American Pie, 13 Ghosts). Multiplayer modes include a two-player cooperative option for the main game and four-player competitive action in standalone arenas, with both modes played from the same third-person perspective found in the single-player experience.