50 Cent Bulletproof (Playstation 2)*

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Intended exclusively for mature players, this unapologetically violent game features the monetarily monikered rapper in its starring role, as a streetwise tough seeking revenge against a mysterious gang of thugs that filled him with lead and left him for dead. The hero can gain access to a variety of firearms and other weapons, and can learn more than 25 deadly reversal moves. In the third-person shooter style of the popular 128-bit generation Grand Theft Auto games, players follow a series of missions that lead them through the game's storyline.

Bulletproof features previously unreleased music and video by 50 Cent, and the game allows players to set up their own music and video play lists of this included material. The voices and likenesses of other famous musicians portray supporting characters, including Lloyd Banks (lock pick), Tony Yayo (demolitions expert), and Young Buck (weapon specialist) as members of 50's G-Unit posse, Eminem as the "shady" Detective McVicar, and rap music luminary Dr. Dre as the wizened back-alley arms dealer Grizz.