A Bug's Life (PS1)

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This epic story follows an outcast ant named Flik through his trials and triumphs as he tries to save his colony from a vicious gang of grasshoppers, led by the evil Hopper. The game features cinematic scenes taken straight from the movie, adding a whole new level to the gaming experience. Also taken from the film are sound effects, score samples, and celebrity personas. Be ready to be left in awe after playing this gaming masterpiece. A BUG'S LIFE also offers 15 plush 3D environments, each of which are fully interactive and just waiting to be explored. To get through these intense levels you'll have to swing, slide, and fly your way past the enemies and into glory. Finally, the game offers a chance to interact with a wide variety of characters, each with its own personality. You will even be able to chat with your favorite characters from the movie. If you loved the movie, or just love to game, then this title is a must buy!