A Realm Reborn (Playstation 3)

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Journey alone or with others from around the world in Final Fantasy XIV, a persistent-world role-playing game that requires an active online connection as well as a monthly subscription fee in order to play. The setting is the magical realm of Eorzea, which features a teleportation system that allows characters to easily travel throughout the land after fulfilling certain requirements. Before you begin, you'll choose a race and clan, with the ability to edit your onscreen character's face, skin color, hairstyle, and other physical attributes.

In a departure from previous entries in the series, the type of class you'll play is dependent on your equipped items. Characters can now freely adjust their class simply by acquiring and equipping a new item instead of starting from scratch with a new avatar. Final Fantasy XIV was designed from the persons responsible for many notable entries in Square's best-selling series, featuring art direction from Final Fantasy XII's Akihiko Yoshida, music from series composer Nobuo Uematsu, and direction from Nobuaki Komoto, who previously worked on Final Fantasy IX and XI.