Ace Combat 5 - The Unsung War (PS2)

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Namco's console flight sim series continues in Ace Combat 5. Set in the near future of an alternate reality, the game has players taking to the skies in one of 50 realistic, modern aircraft, to defend their fictional home country of Oesa. Teamwork is crucial in this edition of the game; players take full command of their own squadrons, and will be challenged to make on-the-spot tactical decisions that may determine the failure or success of a mission. The series' staple dogfighting is also prevalent, of course, so virtual pilots will have many opportunities to demonstrate their flying skills in the heat of battle. The game's main campaign tells its story over 30 individual missions, highlighted with cut scenes. As usual, Oesa is at odds with its longtime rival nation Yuktobania, but the appearance of an unidentified aircraft, capable of decimating an entire Tactical Fight squadron, may shake things up. The Ace Combat series began in arcades, and originally came to consoles as the PlayStation game Air Combat. The series moved to the 128-bit generation with Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies, followed by this fifth release.