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Namco Bandai's Active Life returns to Wii in 2009 with Extreme Challenge, a more urban influenced follow-up to the previous year's Outdoor Challenge. Many of the games and exercises in Extreme Challenge involve keeping balance and managing momentum in virtual high-speed sports such as in-line skating and kite surfing. As with its predecessor, initial releases of the game come packed with a flexible floor mat controller, designed for use by one or two players at a time. The Dance Dance Revolution-style floor mat has an arrangement of eight step-activated pads, allowing a single player a wide range of motion, or for two players to each make use of multiple pads for activities such as running in place. The package features 15 main exercises and activities, including playground favorites such as double dutch jump rope, extreme-style street sports such as street luge, and rock climbing and base jumping for the virtual thrill-seekers. Colorful graphics have a cel-shaded appearance, with smooth, cartoonish animations. Players can create characters to represent them or use their own Wii Miis.