Aeon Flux.

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Set in a distant, dystopian future, this third-person action game puts players in the title role of the silent, svelte, scantily clothed super-spy. Released concurrently with the 2005 live-action feature film, and inspired by Peter Chung's action-packed animated shorts, the game takes place in a time where disease has killed all but a city's worth of the world's population. This city is called Bregna, and its totalitarian government is rife with corruption and conspiracy. The mysterious Aeon Flux embarks on covert operations to expose and eliminate such injustice, as a top agent in the underground "Monican Rebellion." Although by following the narrative of the movie, the game offers a more coherent plot than the series of shorts first featured in MTV's early '90s Liquid Television, its storyline may still keep players guessing to the end. The game was developed by Terminal Reality, known for its own dark and deadly video game heroine, Blood Rayne. The main character is voiced by Charlize Theron, who portrays Aeon Flux in the film.