Agatha Christie And Then There Were None (Wii)

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The first licensed game based on author Agatha Christie's works is an interactive version of the novel And Then There Were None, also published as Ten Little Indians. Players are cast in the role of new character Patrick Narracott, a ferryman, who finds himself trapped on an island estate with ten invited guests, all of whom are strangers. Each visitor has been accused of murder by the estate's enigmatic host, and it is up to players to piece together the mystery of what is happening around them. As with most titles in the genre, the game is composed of pre-rendered 3D environments filled with icon-based "hotspots" that allow players to walk into another room, examine items, speak with suspects, and so forth -- all using the Wii Remote. To keep things fresh, the developers have incorporated new twists to the original plot, offering multiple endings that branch away from the best-selling book's conclusion.