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Twenty years after Alien Syndrome first slithered into arcades, Sega's coin-op classic gets a modern-day makeover with Alien Syndrome on Wii. The Wii version is played from an overhead perspective like the original, but this time in full 3D with 15 levels of laser-blasting, grenade-launching action. In a storyline inspired by the Alien film series, Alien Syndrome has players guiding a gun-toting female officer named Aileen Harding as she investigates a derelict space station overrun by foul creatures. Players will control Aileen with the analog stick and aim by pointing the Wii Remote at the screen, manipulating a targeting cursor independently of Aileen's movements.

While the original title was strictly a run-and-gun affair, Alien Syndrome on Wii features several role-playing elements to add some depth to the action. Aileen can specialize in one of five skills or classes, for example, ranging from a demolitions expert to a sharpshooter, each influencing her base stats and available talents. Defeated aliens will earn players experience points as well as random weapons, armor pieces, and other items that can be equipped or sold. Up to four players can band together for cooperative action against the alien armada, and the game's four difficulty settings allow existing characters to continue progressing for a chance at more powerful rewards.