Alter Echo (PS2)

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Product Information
Alter Echo is a futuristic action title starring a man trapped on a planet where enemies are literally spawned from the organic environment. What begins as a routine mission to investigate a substance called Plast, used by corporations to make bio-machines, quickly changes into a test of survival as the planet manufactures enemies to hunt players down. Nevin was originally assigned the task based on his unique talent for manipulating Plast to change his physical appearance as well as the flow of time. Players must now use this ability to survive the horrors the planet is creating to protect itself.

As Nevin, players can freely morph into new forms designed for three specific action modes: melee, gun, or stealth. A technology referred to as "TimeDilation" lets Nevin alter time so he can string together multiple forms of attacks before enemies can respond. The results are then carried out in real time using a dynamic camera system allowing for such special effects as filters and distortions. Alter Echo is developer Outrage's first title since being brought under THQ's wing as one of their internal studios.