American Dragon - Jake Long (Nintendo DS)

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When the Dark Dragon kidnaps the love interest of Jake Long, he must punch and kick his way through five worlds and over 20 levels in such environments as abandoned docks and dark sewers while battling enemies that include giant centipedes, Cyclops, Medusa, and the Dark Dragon himself. Disney's American Dragon: Jake Long, Attack of the Dark Dragon includes a fire-breathing flying mini-game that utilizes the microphone, a training session with Grandpa between levels, and shape-shifting abilities as you navigate Jake through a perilous journey to save his lovely Rose. During the game, there is a meter located on the top screen that, when filled, transforms Jake into a fire-breathing dragon with three skills: hovering, fire breath, and a shield. As a dragon, Jake can hover over pits of raw sewage, heat up enemies with his hot flush of halitosis, or create a shield for walking through fire and other dangerous environments.