Amped Snowboarding 2 (Xbox)

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Product Information
Amped 2 continues Microsoft's exclusive snowboarding series for the Xbox with a new 3D engine and support for Xbox Live. Players can challenge friends online, track their stats, swap replays of perfect runs, and download additional mountains, equipment, challenges, and songs. More tricks are also available in this sequel, including multiple rail slides and a combo system nicknamed "butter" for its smooth transition sequences. Those having some trouble implementing the aerial stunts can practice with the interactive tutorial.

The new 3D engine offers such details as moving clouds along the horizon as well as Snow Cats grooming the mountains, working chair lifts, snow gradually building up on jackets, and visible breath in the arctic air. Authentic mountain courses include Laax in Switzerland, Mt. Buller in Austria, and a number of other international venues, with park design created under the guidance of expert Chris "Gunny" Gunnerson. This level of authenticity is carried over to the available characters, as players can slip into the boots of 14 different pros from Jeremy Jones and Mikey LeBlanc to Travis Parker and Janna Meyen.

Career mode has been redesigned to offer more depth in the media challenges, which build fame. Media challenges now include photos, photo sequences, and video demo reels, which are based on the number and quality of tricks performed during specially marked areas on the mountain. The more impressed the media is by the run, the better the odds of earning corporate sponsorship for better equipment and boards. Players can shred the slopes listening to more than 300 original songs from independent recording artists, or create their own soundtrack with music stored on the Xbox hard drive.