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Basketball apparel manufacturer and tournament host And 1 lends its "street cred" to this urban hoops title, which emphasizes flashy but realistic moves from the legends found on the And 1 MixTape team. Street ball fans will be able to play as or against such playground stars as Hot Sauce, The Professor, AO, and Helicopter as they perfect each athlete's signature-style moves. The game is further distinguished by its dual analog control scheme, dubbed the "I-Ball" system. More than 130 motion-captured moves are available to perform on both offense and defense, and players can customize a range of dunks, celebrations, passes, and more with the create-a-move editor.

While players begin the game with only a few skills at their disposal, they can add to their custom athlete's repertoire by defeating each playground's reigning champ. I-Ball moves are broken down into phases, allowing players to gradually develop their game over time. There are specific moves performed on the run, dribble moves, showboating moves, ankle breakers (designed to knock a defender off his feet), and more. Each successful move earns players respect points that are needed to advance. Individual matches can be set up with a variety of parameters, from five-on-five battles on a full court to one-on-one showdowns on the half-court. Once players have mastered the controls, they can strut their stuff online against competitors from around the world.