Antz Extreme Racing.

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Based on the characters and locales from Dreamworks' 1998 computer animated movie, Antz Extreme Racing features a mix of driving, running, boarding, and flying as players embark on a championship series spanning the four seasons of summer, autumn, winter, and spring. Six playable characters include Z, Princess Bala, General Mandible, Colonel Cutter, Azteca, and Weaver as they zip around the outdoor terrain on foot, on the backs of wasps, on snowboards, and in custom vehicles. Both Single Player and Multiplayer options are available, with the latter supporting up to four competitors on a split screen.

After selecting a character, players are presented with a list of specific challenges to complete, such as time trials, traditional races, slaloms, and gnat collecting. Levels consist of the following five areas: Anthill, Forest Park, Frozen Pond, the City, and Insectopia. A number of power-ups can be found along the ground to use against opponents, from mosquitoes and sticky patches to smoke screens and aphids, and both turbo boosts and shields are available to make it through courses in one piece. Dangers along the way include rocks, crevices, oil slicks, and nails, so players must keep an eye on more than their competitors while navigating the terrain.