Army Men Sarges War (XBox) !!!

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Defunct publisher 3DO's long-running Army Men series is redeployed by Take Two's Global Star division with this Xbox release of Sarge's War, a third-person shooter that once again pits the Green Army against the plastic soldiers of the Tan Army. As the grizzled veteran Sarge, players must use varied combat techniques to take advantage of bunkers, perform surprise attacks, and to learn which weapons are most effective against certain unit types. Levels alternate between the toy soldiers' fantasy world and the world of humans, where soldiers are reduced in scale so that mere bedrooms become enormous battlefields. As players avoid explosions and plastic shrapnel, they will be able to pick up the fallen parts of enemies and then mold them into new weapons using a device called the Recyclotron. Other features include over 600 motion-captured animations, a dynamic camera offering cinematic-style viewpoints, and an aggressive enemy AI designed to behave in an unpredictable manner.