Army Men Soldiers of Misfortune (DS)

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The little plastic army men you played with as a child are toys no longer! They are now living beings bent on destruction. Of course, you get to play an integral role in the conflict as Sarge, a sergeant (you were expecting another rank?) in the Green Army. While your objectives vary with each mission, the goal is to defeat the evil Tan Army using a little strategy and a lot of firepower.

Since you'll also have to confront members of the Blue and Gray armies, you are essentially outnumbered three to one! Roll, duck, kneel, and cycle through your available weapons as you try to complete the objectives detailed at the beginning of each level. Missions range from search-and-destroy to rescue or reconnaissance operations, and you'll even drive one of four vehicles during the battles. Units include versions of six classic toys: Rifle Man, Grenadier, Bazooka Man, Mortar Man, Flamethrower, and Minesweeper.

Play involves controlling Sarge from a third-person viewpoint, although switching to the "Combat Cam" allows players to get a closer view of their surroundings with a perspective just behind the character's shoulder. The game also offers three modes of play including a Boot Camp to practice the controls, a single-player Campaign against the Tan Army, and a Two-Player game against a friend or foe.

The Two-Player game is a variant on Capture the Flag in that you must sneak into your opponent's base to retrieve his or her flag. Once the flag is safely in your base, you'll win the game. Other notable features include three levels of difficulty, two controller configurations and support for the Dual Shock Analog Controller. A memory card with one block of free data is also required in order to save progress.