Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (Playstation 3)

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Soar across the rooftops of Rome in the award-winning Assassins Creed Brotherhood for PlayStation 3. Play as Ezio Auditore, an Italian assassin who must save the city of Rome from the Templar Order. This sequel to Assassins Creed 2 for PS3 allows the player to wield an exciting arsenal of weapons and machines during the lengthy 15-hour single player campaign. The loaded arsenal includes everything from parachutes and advanced flying machines to double hidden blades and poison darts. How you approach the mission is entirely up to you. What's more, you get to interact with such historical figures as Caterina Sforza and Leonardo da Vinci during the Renaissance era. When not enjoying the adventurous single-player campaign, consider dabbling in the multiplayer portion of Assassins Creed Brotherhood, where you are given an expansive set of maps set around Rome and tasked with defeating other deadly assassins ranging from the executioner to the courtesan.