Astro Boy The Video Game (Wii)

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Based directly on the 2009 computer-animated film interpretation of Osamu Tezuka's influential sci-fi cartoon series, Astro Boy: The Video Game is a side-scrolling combat game for Wii that follows the story of the origin of the mighty robot boy. The game features both traditional indoor platform-style levels and in-air flying shooter levels, as players take control of Astro Boy and his arsenal of futuristic abilities. In his quest to save the world, Dr. Tenma's greatest creation faces an army of robot enemies, both in the mysterious Surface region and back home in Metro City. As he defeats opponents and accomplishes goals, Astro Boy can increase the powers of his weapons and abilities, including his Laser Fingers, Rear Machine Guns, Arm Cannon, and Drill Attack. Two players can battle the bad guys together in the game's same-screen co-op mode. Voice actors from the film, Freddie Highmore as Astro Boy and Kristen Bell as Cora, reprise their roles in the video game.