ATV Offroad Fury 4 (Playstation 2)

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ATV Off Road Fury 4 features a variety of single- and multiplayer options for races, vehicles, riders, and gear with a total of 72 tracks to rip around. Beginning with single-player action, "Story" mode starts with the selection of a rider and a vehicle. Male and female racers are available, as well as a variety of ATVs, trophy trucks, MX bikes, and buggies. Each vehicle includes such tuning options as altering tire type and gear ratios, and riders may choose from multiple outfit colors and styles. As the rookie completes challenges, races, and events, they earn sponsorship, cash, and unlock new gear, such as vehicles, outfit colors and styles. Upgrades for engine, suspension, gearbox, exhaust, intake, and brakes become available as the rider progresses through the ranks.

A "Training" mode can help beginners become comfortable with vehicles and controls. Single point-to-point races with free-roaming environments such as "Supercross," "Rallycross," "National," "Hill Climb," "Head-to-Head," "Freestyle," and "Circuit" are available for single-and multiplayer action. Gamers can master a total of 30 freestyle tricks that include combos and linkers. Play with a friend in split-screen view, or go online and challenge up to eight players to a custom designed race. Select a series of races that alter the vehicle, terrain, and more, and then race for the finish against friends or strangers. Online features include voice and text chat, player profiles, downloadable content, and a data exchange. Rec room racers can also develop their own courses with the "Track Editor," and trade them with online players.