Backyard Sports - Rookie Rush (Wii)*

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Comical kids compete on playgrounds and parks once more in this continuation of the Backyard Sports series. Rookie Rush features a selection of 12 teams, from the "Bunsen Blazers" to the "Meadowbrook Monsters." Each team has a distinctive home field and is captained by a youngster individually rated in speed, tackling, throwing, and power. The seven-on-seven action follows the basics of football, albeit with a much simpler play calling system and an emphasis on lighthearted, arcade-style action. Players can activate power-ups such as banana peels, ice cream trucks, and the dreaded "stinky pants" to help themselves or hinder their rivals. Up to four players can participate in an exhibition match, choose one of five mini-games, or enter a tournament. Solo players can either build the best team on the block in the story mode or lead their favorite team to victory over the course of a season.