Bases Loaded (NES)

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Experience real baseball action and strategy with Bases Loaded. Choose your pitcher wisely based on his ERA and stamina (a reliever won't get you very far if you start the game with him). As a hitter, lean into or away from the ball and swing high, middle, or low, depending upon where the pitch is. Get beaned and charge the mound! If you don't like a call, you can always blame it on one of the umpires --Yuk, Dum, Boo, and Bum. The behind-the-pitcher perspective gives this baseball game a look unlike any before it.

There's a 132-game season ahead of you. If you don't win 80 of them, you've gotta go home and watch the better teams battle it out from home. You don't want that. So get out there and show them what you're made of!