Batman Vengeance (Xbox)

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The Joker is on the prowl again, terrorizing the grim streets of Gotham City with his maniacal treats and tricks. His latest scheme has him kidnapping a young boy and holding him for a five million-dollar ransom. The only hero brave, smart and strong enough to combat the clown prince of crime is, of course, the Dark Knight. But as Batman delves further into the Joker's tangled web, he'll find that the jolly maniac isn't the only super villain tied up in things. He'll also meet old nemeses, such as Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze and the Penguin.

Batman: Vengeance is based on Bob Kane's immortal comic book detective/superhero as viewed through the lens of Batman: The Animated Series, the noir-ish cartoon by producers Paul Dini and Bruce Timm. The game's environments and characters are rendered in the heavily angled, darkly toned style of the series, and the show's cast performs the voice acting.

Batman: Vengeance is primarily a third-person action game, putting the player's view behind Batman's back as he patrols the various locales of Gotham City in search of clues and villains. The game is broken up into four different worlds, and those worlds are divided into 19 primarily linear missions. In addition to the third-person levels, there are a number of mini-games spread throughout Batman: Vengeance, in which you'll be able to drive the Batmobile, fly through Gotham's skies in the Batwing, and even drop in on villains through the air.

In addition to a simple fighting system that includes punches, kicks, and special moves that Batman learns over the course of the game, there are several other movement and attack options players have at their disposal. Batman can use his cape to glide down from high areas and has full access to his utility belt, which he can access by a special menu. The utility belt offers items such as batarangs and flash bombs to use against the many opponents he will face over the course of the game.