Battle Squadron (Sega Genesis)

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Commanders Berry Mayers and Lori Bergin are prisoners on Urania, the home planet of the Barrax Empire and you must free them before the Barrax forces get vital Earth defense information. Your Delta II Strike Cruiser is equipped with an infinite number of bullets, but you can acquire particle beam, energy ball, magma wave, and laser power-ups. Begin with three Nova Smart Bombs, capable of destroying most or all of the on screen aliens in one fell swoop, to face F-319 Bombers, Terranian Terror Tanks, Karnus Fighters, Biotech Wingmen, Double Nitrogunners, Mutant Cybersnakes, and other countless Barrax life forms and spaceships on the planet's surface and in subterranean forts, including the final boss, Surlotech.