Battlefield 2 Modern Combat (Xbox)

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Large-scale multiplayer warfare comes to consoles as Digital Illusions' Battlefield series brings Modern Combat to Xbox. The series is known for its fast-paced competitive warfare, and as many as 100 Xbox Live-connected players can fight together online, across battle maps that scale to the number of human participants. Battlefield 2 also features a single-player mode, which fills the levels with artificially intelligent 'bots, both enemy and friendly. As in the PC sequel on which the console versions are based, the game's fictional war is set in the modern era, so players have access to cutting-edge military equipment, including more than 70 types of weapons and 30 different vehicles to move them across land, air, and sea. Players can choose to fight for the United States, the Chinese, or the "Middle East Coalition," and through repeated victories and outstanding achievement in the field, they'll work their way up the ranks, all the way from Private to General.