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Gamers travel back to the dawn of modern war to fight through the trenches of WWI and engage in epic multiplayer combat in Battlefield 1. EA's long-running first-person shooter brings the horrors of The Great War to life, with players wielding brutal melee weapons perfect for trench warfare, blasting holes in the environment with early machine guns, and clambering over barbed wire to avoid suffocating mustard gas. The game also includes a variety of vehicles, including tanks, motorcycles, boats, planes, and zeppelins, all of which come into play during the anthology-style solo campaign.

Instead of focusing on one character, Battlefield 1 spreads the single-player campaign across all fronts of the war. Gamers engage in dogfights against the German aces in the skies over the western front, work alongside Lawrence of Arabia to help rebel tribes in the Middle East, and slog through the mud of Cambrai, France as part of a crew dealing with an unreliable tank. The campaign environments are larger than in previous series titles, giving players multiple ways to meet their objectives.

Multiplayer remains a huge component of the series, and Battlefield 1 lets up to 64 gamers battle across nine maps in six different modes. Players can choose from eight distinct character classes, including the new Tanker class, and the new squad system lets friends enter and leave game servers together. Gamers can compete in classic Conquest, Domination, and Team Deathmatch modes, while Operations mode sees battles stretch across multiple maps, Rush mode finds players attacking or defending telegraph posts, and War Pigeons mode is a race to find a randomly placed carrier pigeon coop in order to call in artillery strikes.