Battlefield Bad Company (Xbox 360)

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Product Information
Bad Company takes the open-level play of the online, multiplayer-oriented Battlefield games and makes it more personal -- and more profitable. In a relatively extensive single-player campaign, gamers take the role of a renegade soldier in the near-future, who joins three of his brothers-in-arms to go AWOL in search of personal fame and fortune. A variety of land, air, and sea craft become available during their adventures, along with an arsenal of powerful weaponry.

As seems to be common among modern mercenary video game heroes out for profit, the soldiers of Bad Company have an appetite for destruction. The game features destructible environments, which become part of the gameplay. Buildings, barriers, and the earth itself can be disrupted with the right firepower and players are encouraged to use their ability to alter the battlefield in order to complete mission objectives.

In addition to the single-player modes, Battlefield: Bad Company features online play with support for 24 players. Along with established Battlefield multiplayer game types, Bad Company offers a "Gold Rush" mode, in which teams take turns at offensive and defensive roles in destructible, re-shapeable battlefields. The game is the first to run on EA DICE's "Frostbite" game engine, designed for destructible 3D action in high-definition.

Controversially, EA's initial release of Bad Company is available in two packages: a regular edition and a "Gold Edition." Ten additional weapons for the game are available as downloadable content, after the main game is purchased. Five of the weapons are available for free and the other five can be purchased for a fee by regular edition owners. The "Gold Edition" of the game includes the otherwise pay-to-play downloadable weapons.