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Rockstar Games, in collaboration with multi-platinum recording artist and producer Timbaland, offer players all the tools they need to quickly and simply create a library of original music in Beaterator. Users can select from thousands of different available loops and sounds, record and edit their own samples, and even belt out real-time vocal accompaniments. The "Drum Crafter" lets players create custom drum patterns while the "Loop Crafter" helps turn sampled sounds into loops, and those who prefer less staccato beats can use the "Melody Crafter" to put together more congruous basslines and melodies. Users can then add an extra coat of sheen by applying studio-quality effects -- such as reverb, chorus, and delay -- in the "Effects Editor," and those who want to share their music can export their loops and songs to their PC or Mac as MIDI or .wav files. And gamers looking for a less technical experience can simply use "Live Play," "Drum Pad," and "Chord Pad," modes to crank out beats and melodies in gameplay more akin to traditional rhythm-action titles.