Ben 10 - Galactic Racing.

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Product Information
Ben 10 Galactic Racing is a classically styled kart-racer based on the Cartoon Network series, with alien-themed power-ups, an interplanetary variety of tracks, and a host of fan-familiar characters behind the wheel. In the role of the Ultimatrix-endowed Ben Tennyson or one of 14 other friends, foes, and alien hero forms, players race futuristic go-karts through 25 twisting Galactic Gran Prix courses, set on five different alien home worlds. Each character has a distinct special ability, based on the superpowers featured in the animated series.

Drifting around corners and performing mid-air stunts helps characters recharge special abilities more quickly, and so edgy, aggressive driving is encouraged. "Omni-Node" power-ups collected around the tracks grant one of several alien abilities, including an "Ultimate" power that grants a character-themed burst of super speed. Multiplayer racing for up to four is supported, and a Time Trial mode allows players to practice on the tracks or try to beat their own best performances.