Beyond Two Souls (PS3)

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"Beyond: Two Souls" casts players in the role of Jodie Holmes, a young girl with supernatural powers. From a young age, Jodie has had a psychic connection with Aiden, a ghostly apparition. In this PlayStation 3 game, you'll control Jodie from her early adolescence until adulthood. While Jodie tries to live a normal life, secret government agencies are looking to capture her at every turn. The game frequently changes both its genre and tone to match the period of Jodie's life. Because of this, the PS3 game never remains rooted in one storytelling device for too long. "Beyond: Two Souls" was written by David Cage, famous for his work on games such as "Heavy Rain." "Beyond: Two Souls" was developed by Quantic Dream and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It had a release date of 2013 in the United States.Like past Quantic Dream games, this PS3 game features a non-linear story. At various points in the game, you will choose the action that propels the story forward. Every choice you make changes the game in some way. Even insignificant decisions, such as which music to play at a party, could have huge repercussions. The story will also change depending on how well you do during the action scenes. Unlike other video games, failing an action scene doesn't mean you go back to the main menu. Instead, the narrative will continue down a different path and change itself accordingly. Because of this, two players playing the game can have an entirely different experience. There are multiple endings in this PlayStation 3 title, which makes it feel fresh each time you replay the game.The gameplay of "Beyond: Two Souls" is best described as an adventure title. As Jodie, you'll explore your environment and interact with objects. As you talk to other characters, you can choose your reply from a few different options. What you pick up and how you talk to characters will also have a direct impact on the narrative. At times, you'll have to lead Jodie through action scenes. The scenes may involve her escaping from the government or simply fighting off some bullies. At some points in the narrative, you can take control of Aiden. Not only can Aiden possess certain individuals, but he can also incapacitate or heal them. A second player can also take control of Aiden, turning this title into a cooperative experience."Beyond: Two Souls" features some very realistic graphics on the PlayStation 3. Motion capture was used on every character to create the body movements. This title also features an all-star voice acting cast comprised of Hollywood stars. Both Ellen Page and William Dafoe lend their voices to this title. This PlayStation video game received a rating of M from the ESRB. This rating is due to mature content, violence, and language. "Beyond: Two Souls" provides an enthralling narrative that will have gamers on the edge of their seat. This PlayStation title provides 10 hours of gameplay for each play-through. Due to the multiple endings, you'll likely want to play this PS3 title more than once for the full experience.