Big Bang Mini (Nintendo DS)*

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Players take command of their own personal, hand-held fireworks shows with Big Bang Mini, a game of rhythm, sound, and stylus-powered shooting. Players aim their rockets with gestures and slashes of the stylus in the bottom screen. The rockets fire upward to blast apart targets in the top screen. In general, the world scrolls by from right to left as players hit or miss various power-up targets as they move by overhead. At the successful end of each level, players have an opportunity to create a grand finale-style finish with a unique "Final Bouquet" firework display they direct. The game plays out through 90 levels in nine worlds, and players gain new firework-shooting abilities and face a new set of challenges as they progress to each new world. A Versus mode is also included, and players can compare their best scores against online rankings. The game's soundtrack includes 20 tracks by Festival du Jeu Vidéo award nominated artists Yubaba, Smith & Fortune.