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Those who have trained their brain to a healthy age can now test its "weight" in Big Brain Academy, the second title in Nintendo's medley of mental mini-games. The title includes a series of brain-stimulating exercises designed to improve thinking, memorization, computation, analysis, and identification. After taking an initial test to identify cognitive strengths and weaknesses, players will receive a brain weight score that will hopefully increase over time with daily practice in each of the five categories.

Academy features a total of 15 mini-games and two play modes: test and practice. Each test involves trying to correctly answer as many questions as possible within a time limit. From that point on, players can practice individual mini-games to win bronze, silver, gold, and platinum medals. All activities utilize the handheld's touch-screen interface, from tapping on objects that weigh the most to drawing lines between two characters. Big Brain Academy also supports up to eight players in a race to see who has the "largest" brain.