Bill Walsh College Football (Sega Genesis)

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Game cartridge only - no Manual

Product Information
Long-time San Francisco 49ers' coach Bill Walsh gets his own college football game for the Genesis. Bill Walsh College Football features the top twenty-four college football teams from 1992 and twenty-four of the all-time teams since 1978. While no actual players are named and no official team logos used, colleges are listed by city and players identified by number, Mr. Walsh gives scouting reports for each team before a game. Compatible with EA Sports' 4 Way Play for multiplayer action, players can engage in two-on-one, two-on-two, three-on-one or even four versus the computer. Play modes include Exhibition, Playoffs and All-Time Playoffs. Sixty-eight classic college plays are available, including the triple option, student body, and wishbone.

Defenders can dive at the ball carrier, jump and raise hands to block kicks or intercept passes. Offense can have running backs dive, explode forward, spin and hurdle. Receivers can also dive for the ball and raise their hands. Other options and features include automatic or manual-pass catch mode, audibles, reverse angle replay, onside kicks, four weather conditions (fair, windy, rain and snow), three different quarter lengths (20, 40 and 60 minutes) and a hurry-up offense. Included in the Bill Walsh College Football package are forty-eight team cards, featuring the statistics and ratings of thirty-five players in a variety of categories.