Bioshock - Infinite (Xbox 360)

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BioShock Infinite is the third installment in the BioShock franchise, but instead of the underwater metropolis in the previous games, you are shot up into the sky where the city of Columbia floats amongst the clouds. Play as Booker DeWitt, an investigator and former soldier whose past haunts him constantly. Explore the city of floating skyscrapers as you zip from one location to another with your young companion Elizabeth in order to unravel the mysteries surrounding the game's formidable antagonist, Zachary Comstock. In typical BioShock fashion, you shoot enemies with weapons of terrible power and use your Vigors to control the battlefield. But while combat is tight and familiar, you are treated to a story that is filled with suspense, action, and riveting drama as the plot unravels at the end of Booker's emotional journey.