Blacksite Area 51 (Playstation 3*)

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Product Information
The sequel to 2005's Area 51 remake, BlackSite continues Midway's first-person foray into Nevada with a mission-driven game promising multiple solutions for every scenario. Players control a former Special Forces assassin named Aeran Pierce, who along with his AI-controlled squad, will battle an assortment of alien and mutant creatures threatening the small town of Rachel, Nevada. Morale plays a part in each teammate's attributes, with players rewarded for using tactics and punished for engaging enemy forces against overwhelming odds.

Your squad's aim, fatigue, and desire to fight are all influenced by the decisions you make, which could spell the difference between a successful mission and a trip to the morgue. Commands given to the squad are mapped to a single button, allowing players to quickly order individuals to use a sniper rifle, plant explosives, or drive vehicles. The latter includes a choice of ATVs, HMMWVs, helicopters, and civilian automobiles. In addition to the cinematic single-player campaign, BlackSite features deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag, siege, and other multiplayer options for up to 16 combatants.