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A self-reliant treasure hunter named Ayumi departs for a mysterious island filled with untold wealth in Blades of Time. Ayumi will rely on her trusted weapon that combines the functionality of a gun and sword in order to make it through the various dangers lurking on the island. Entire armies of ominous creatures will attempt to stop her, but she'll be able to hone over 40 sets of melee-, tactical-, and magic-oriented attacks to help even the odds.

Ayumi can also bend the laws of time and space by turning back time to create a clone. This technique allows players to solve puzzles, defeat throngs of enemies, and complete other challenges. Ayumi will traverse snow, jungles, ancient cities, temples, and islands in the sky by mastering the high-speed dash ability or using the environment to her advantage. In addition to the single-player option, Blades of Time features both campaign co-op support as well as player-versus-player combat.