Bleach - Soul Resurreccion (Playstation 3*)

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The afterlife adventures of reluctant Soul Reaper Ichigo Kurosaki make their video game debut in the high-definition PlayStation 3 game Bleach: Soul Resurreccion. Exclusive to PlayStation, gamers can role-play through re-creations of their favorite plotlines from the Bleach comics and cartoon series or seek out new side-adventures in the freely roamed game world, stocked with random encounters and fan-friendly details. Cel-shaded graphics add interactive depth in the anime's distinctive visual style. In addition to Ichigo, gamers may play through the mission-driven stories of 20 other characters from the popular manga and animated series. By choosing which new powers and abilities to unlock, players can custom-develop characters as they earn experience. The combat-centric action involves super-human swordplay and supernatural powers, and battles sometimes develop Dynasty Warriors-style odds as the player's lone hero must aggressively fend through deluges of enemy opponents. The game's Mission Mode also offers a goal-oriented alternative to its Story Mode.