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Blinx: The Time Sweeper is a 3D platform game starring an orange cat on a quest to save the universe from monsters looking to control the flow of time. As janitor of the Time Factory, a business where time is manufactured and repaired throughout the galaxy, Blinx has first-hand knowledge of the importance of time crystals in the balance of his world. Now they are missing. Armed only with the Time Sweeper, a vacuum-like device whose suction can be used to pick up trash, climb vines, and latch onto ceilings, Blinx must traverse 40 levels to restore order.

Blinx' primary goal is to defeat all time monsters on a level within ten minutes -- all while avoiding obstacles such as barrels, spike pits, and swinging blades. The cartoon-like worlds feature such diverse elements as canyons, caves, ancient ruins, forests, and canals as players work to control the flow of time by collecting lost time crystals. Once a group of crystals is found, players can press a button to slow down their surroundings while they explore the levels in real time, pause the action for a short while, or fast-forward the level to interact with an environment moving twice the normal speed. The world can also be rewound as players search for hidden areas or revisit missed objectives.

Time crystals come in six types or symbols, and players must possess the correct combinations in order to use a specific time control, such as fast forward, rewind, and slow. Other combinations grant Blinx an extra attempt at a level. Blinx can also perform a number of acrobatic moves to help him navigate the worlds he encounters. The cat can double jump, backflip, and cartwheel to avoid dangers and to reach new areas. The Time Sweeper itself allows him to pick up small objects as well as shoot them at foes. New models of the Time Sweeper can be purchased with more powerful suction and storage capacities, and various ammunition and ability upgrades are available as well.