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Free from any license limitations or other third-party restrictions, Blitz: The League is designed to present a mature, entertaining look at the rivalry, pride, and pain of professional football. The game revolves around a fictional league, allowing it to explore the darker side of professional sports without offending any real-life celebrities or betraying any image-conscious NFL affiliations. This unflinching spirit is represented by former NFL star and enduring legend of toughness Lawrence Taylor, who lends his voice and likeness to the production.

Like contemporary, licensed NFL games, Blitz is designed to offer realistic player models, lively stadiums, competent commentary, and smooth gameplay with plenty of accessible options. On the field, gamers can expect an intensified version of the over-the-top violence and comical extremes in Midway's popular NFL Blitz titles. However The League plays off the field, as well, allowing gamers access to behind-the-scenes board meetings and private pro player parties.

In Blitz's story mode, gamers create a custom team of athletes that enters the fictional league in last place. The short-term goal is to win each game at any costs, even if that means bending (or ignoring) the rules when possible. Athletes can bulk up with performance enhancing supplements, for example, if they are willing to risk future health problems and drug tests, and devastating hits on the field earn bonus points, even when they are made outside the realm of "good sportsmanship."