Blokus Portable Steambot Championship.

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Based on Sekko�a's world-renown board game, Blokus for PSP features Ad-hoc wireless support and 18 playable characters from developer Irem's Steambot Chronicles (2006). For those unfamiliar with Blokus, the turn-based game involves placing Tetris-like pieces atop a 20x20 grid. The catch is that each piece must touch a corner (and only a corner) of another piece with the same color. Each player has a pool of 21 shapes to choose from, with the goal being to claim as many spaces as possible before there are no more available moves. The winner is the player with the most spaces covering the board. Blokus for PSP includes the standard four-player game and the two-player variant, both of which can be played against the computer AI or with friends via Ad-hoc connection. Blokus also features in-game currency called "dollarinos," which can be spent on new character outfits, hairstyles, artwork, and other bonuses.