Bloodrayne 2 (PS2)

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When it Raynes, it pours -- blood. This sequel to 2002's combat-heavy adventure moves the fast-paced action from Nazi Germany to a modern-day setting, where the half-vampire heroine finds herself at odds with those of her own kind. Plying an ancient machination, Rayne's own vampire father is attempting to shroud the sun and make Earth safe for all of his kind, allowing the undead freedom to dispense with humanity and claim the world as their own. Luckily for the rest of us, Rayne aims to put a stop to this shadowy plan.

Like the original BloodRayne, this second adventure is driven by combat, and the heroine's repertoire of fighting powers and abilities has been expanded. The sequel features an enhanced fighting system that allows Rayne to string together new combos and evade attacks in a variety of ways. Some new abilities must be earned by defeating enemies, so Rayne herself becomes more powerful as she progresses through the story. Rayne's Dhampir powers are still fueled by the blood of her fallen adversaries, so she must face a steady stream of fiendish opponents as she shoots and slices through this game's ten main missions.