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Based on the popular LEGO toy series, which blends action figures and a detailed storyline along with traditional building, Bionicle casts players in the role of one of six armored Toa characters in their ongoing fight against the dark followers of the evil Makuta. Viewed from a third-person perspective, the game has players navigating the six themed regions of the Mata Nui island, including jungles, mountains, and lakes, while solving puzzles, interacting with local inhabitants, and defeating members of Makuta's tribe. Each Toa character possesses special elemental energy that can be used to combat enemies and enhanced by collecting power-ups. Depending on the selected character, players can harness the elements of air, water, fire, or earth using a special mask of power and custom weapon. Action sequences include crossing molten lava on a surfboard, gliding across trees, swimming, and snowboarding down a mountain. True to the toy line, players can also build machines to help them navigate their world after finding the required parts.