Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling (N64)

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Product Information
Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling is a bowling simulation where players can play as a real Professional Bowling Association star or as a custom player in six different play modes. Players also get a choice of six professional class Brunswick bowling balls.

To begin play, players must select from six modes: Exhibition, Skins Game, Tournament, Career, Practice, or Cosmic Bowl. Whichever mode the player chooses, he or she then has the option of creating a new bowler, loading a previously created bowler, or using one of the seven PBA pros included in the game.

Exhibition matches are for one to six players made up of any combination of human and computer bowlers. Players can choose to bowl at any of the 15 bowling alleys included with Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling. Scoring is normal, and the bowler with the highest point total at the end of the match is the winner.

In a Skins Game, two to six bowlers compete in a 12-frame match for cash. To win a cash prize (a skin), a bowler must roll two strikes in one frame. If more than one bowler rolls two strikes or no bowlers roll two strikes, the bowlers carry the skin to the next frame. Its value is added to that frame's skin. If no one wins the skin in the 12th frame, the match goes into sudden death. In sudden death, one strike wins the skin, and the game ends when one bowler rolls a strike and no other bowlers can match it. The bowler with the most skins at the end of the match is the winner.

Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling's Tournament Mode features nine different play options. Players can set up the tournament to accommodate between 6-24 bowlers for the television finals. In the default mode, each bowler must bowl qualifying games to get into match play. Then, bowlers must win their matches to make it into the finals. The bowler who wins throughout the finals is the champion. During setup, players can choose to skip either the qualifying rounds or the match play rounds but not both.

Career Mode allows players to bowl the entire PBA Circuit in the United States, and then hit the bowling centers around the world, including lanes in Germany, Korea, and Mexico. Each bowling center features a tournament which players can adjust as they can in Tournament Mode.

The Cosmic Bowl Mode in Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling is a midnight bowling game for two players. It features neon pins, black light effects, and rock music. Cosmic Bowl Mode is similar to Exhibition Mode.

Practice Mode allows single players to practice their skills in a noncompetitive environment. Practice Mode features a pin-setter control that allows bowlers to focus on particular pins or combinations.

Players can also save custom bowlers and games in progress. Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling features the bowling talents of Walter Ray Williams, Jr., Steve Jaros, Ricky Ward, Parker Bohn III, Mike Aulby, Johnny Petraglia, and Chris Barnes.