Bully (Playstation 2)

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While out in his backyard flooding bug houses, Lucas Nickle is minimized to the size of an ant by an insect shaman determined to teach the Ant Bully a lesson. Based on the 2006 Warner Bros. picture, players will guide Lucas through this new world while helping his new six-legged friends find food, and battle enemies including wasps, spiders, termites, pill bugs, and humans. As he increases his ant strength, stamina, and climbing skills, Lucas will travel through 18 missions including the Nickle's backyard and the frog pond, enlisting the help of other ants to create a bridge for him to cross or a ladder to climb. Some missions require Lucas to fly on the back of a wasp, or hang glide, and he can battle enemies by using a staff, bow, lava silk squirter, and seed bombs.