Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare (Xbox One)

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The first Call of Duty title developed primarily by Sledgehammer Games, Advanced Warfare moves the action into the near future when countries farm out wars to Private Military Corporations (PMCs) and soldiers are outfitted with exoskeletons that give them superhuman abilities. While the FPS mechanics of the game stay true to the series, this new breed of stronger, faster soldier can jump higher, grapple onto surfaces, and even activate cloaking abilities, adding a new element of verticality and defense to both the single-player campaign and the series' signature multiplayer modes.

In the year 2054 a terrorist organization known as KVA unleashes a global attack that causes nuclear reactors on five different continents to melt down simultaneously, throwing the world's governments and militaries into complete disorder. Into the ensuing power void steps Jonathan Irons, president of Atlas Corporation, the world's largest PMC. And while Atlas does help restore order to the world, the growing megalomania of the amoral Irons manifests into a new threat of its own. Gamers enter this world as Jack Mitchell, a former U.S. Marine who lost his left arm in Seoul, South Korea, and has now enlisted with Atlas.

Though many of the world's borders have been redrawn in Advanced Warfare, the action takes gamers to a variety of familiar places across the globe, from U.S. cities like Seattle, San Francisco, and Detroit, to present-day countries like Bulgaria, Greece, and Nigeria. Combat is designed to be more frantic and explosive than ever thanks to the upgradeable exoskeletons, which introduce the Boost Jump to get vertical quickly, the Boost Slam to dispatch enemies from above, and the Boost Dodge to shift into cover in a flash. Players can equip Mitchell with traditional armaments or new directed-energy weapons, and certain stages will let him use vehicles like hoverbikes and specialized drones.

As always, multiplayer modes are a key component of the Call of Duty experience, and in Advanced Warfare gamers can take on classic competitive modes like Hardpoint, Capture the Flag, and the tug-of-war-like Momentum, or they can try the new Uplink mode, in which two teams attempt to get a ball into a floating goal, either carrying it in directly for two points, or throwing it in for one point. Co-op fans can join up to three friends for the new Exo Survivial mode, choosing from three exoskeleton tiers, battling waves of increasingly difficult foes, and upgrading between each round. And Advanced Warfare offers Supply Drops, Scorestreaks, and extensive customization options like Create-A-Class and Create-An-Operator to keep the action varied.