Cartoon Network Racing.

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Jump out of normal life and into the wild world of Cartoon Network as you take the role of such characters as I.M. Weasel, Cow, Dexter, Johnny Bravo, and more in Cartoon Network Racing. Navigate your character through 24 tracks that include show-based environments like Dexter's Laboratory and Aron City, and then on to the finish line with help from such power-ups as mines, homing missiles, speed boosting hot peppers, smoke screens, and magnetism. Play alone through "Quick Race," "Tournament," and "Cartoon Eliminator," or go against a friend in such modes as "Quick Race," "Battle," "Kart Kurling," "Cartoon Eliminator," "Toon Cup Collection," "MINE, MINE, MINE," and "Bombastic." Cooperative multiplayer action is available in "Co-op mode, and you can also enter six different battle arenas to crunch and crash your rides in a cartoon demolition derby.